Williamsburg Va

We took The Kids to Williamsburg Va for a few days (also seeing Jamestown Va).


Product Review of the trip:

  • lots of the buildings along the main "strip" are actually still private residences. It's rather weird/annoying to keep walking past closed-up front doors to get from exhibition-building to exhibition-building.

  • Too many of the buildings are shops trying to sell you colonial jellies, etc.

  • The Kids were bored. For the most part we were too. I think that in these days of the History Channel and lots of documentaries, having a building where someone talks about how they used to make saddles, when that process takes hours/days (so you can't see much of it actually happening), is pretty much headed for the Dead Media bin.

  • We skipped the Visitors Center, but apparently they're still showing the 1957 Story Of A Patriot starring Jack Lord that I remember watching when I came as a kid.

  • I did finally get a more complete understanding of Rifle Vs Musket issues.

Product Review of the ProvidenceHallWings at the Williamsburg Inn:

  • we wanted a place right within the Historic area for convenience, with a reasonably-priced way to sleep 2 adults plus The Kids. And we didn't want a "fancy" room because the kids might end up having swordfights, etc.

  • we paid ~$300/night for a big square room with a king-sized bed and fold-out sofabed.

  • the Air Conditioning was dicey - it was hard to avoid either feeling cold or damp.

  • the bathroom had a bit more black mildew that I'd like

Restaurant Review-s

  • The Seasons: I had a tasty steak; Jihi's veal-parm was too sweet. The house salad's lettuce was all-iceburg.

  • Stefano's: pizza/sub place behind TheSeasons. Big open space with tile floor and ugly tile ceiling. Dark wood tables. Order up front, and they bring food to you. Decent college-town-like place.

  • Mama Mia's Deli and Restaurant. Skanky. Food not really bad, but no reason to eat here.

  • Aberdeen Barn. Pretty good ribs, etc.

  • National Pancake House. Tasty stuff, esp the huge Plantation Breakfast. On the other hand, all the pancake extras (e.g. pecans, blueberries) are on top rather than in the batter.

  • Old Mill Waffle and Pancake House. Not bad, but everything comes with a giant turd of melted butter on top, unless you ask them to hold it.

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