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Some favorite meals out (chronological):

  • deep dish pizza at TheNines in Ithaca Ny, esp the time I had just driven back into town and felt like shit, and a pizza with pitcher of Canadian beer totally revived me. (1982)

  • special off-category mention of the first Chocolate truffle I ate (1985)

  • barbecued rabbit with jalapeno cornbread at a little bistro around the corner from the apartment I lived in in downtown Seattle Wa. (1985)

  • veal cooked in champagne with white raisins, limes, and other stuff, at Casa Grisanti in Louisville Ky in the Humana building. (c1986)

  • chateaubriand at a French hole in Rego Park (c1989)

  • Soft-Shell Crab at Cuisine De Saigon (c1989)

  • first meal at Patria (c1992)

  • baby pig at some place in the village (c1996)

  • salt and pepper whole shrimp at Nha Trang (c1997)

  • lamb brochette at the Miracle Grill (c1998); also love their Catfish Taco

  • braised lamb at La Palapa (2003)

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