(2005-02-27) Sirius Rushkoff

R U Sirius converses with Douglas Rushkoff. The real problem with Culture Jamming, like I say above, is that it's just another game of Cross Fire. I'm tired as hell of AdBusters, too. But it's still an important thing for kids in high school, say, to be exposed to. Easier than Debord, anyway... The other big unacknowledged fact in all this is that it's a bit facile to say that the Market and corporations brought down the state and the public sector. I think we did that. StarBucks isn't evil for creating a place for people to socialize. They're filling in a gap that was left behind by those of us who felt it was more important to get away from black (African American) folks and move to the planned Suburb-s than some corporation or advertisement. (Though you could argue GM did all this by closing the streetcar.)... We're stuck in some post-modernist's dilemma, worrying about who is stuck in whose frame. I don't care anymore. I've got a baby (Geeks With Kids). I'm out building Play Ground-s in abandoned lots, and investing my money in Alternative Energy companies. And writing books designed to get people to wake up and experience a bit of traction with reality. (Real World)

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