(2005-07-26) Marks Decentralized Tagsonomy

Kevin Marks on decentralized approaches to Tagsonomy (2004-01-18-TechnoratiTags). He notes that to get picked up by Technorati you don't have to link to their tag URI. I wonder whether a simple tweak to my WikiEngine would end up automatically feeding Technorati based on my WikiWordAsTag mentality?

Aug8'2005 update - I just turned on rendering of rel="tag" for every WikiWord rendered on this WikiLog. Will have to check Technorati later on to see whether anything shows up. Update - didn't seem to matter. Suspect my mis-rendered RSS feed is to blame, assuming that's what Technorati scrapes. So will have to return to the process of fixing that feed...

Oct'2005: just found CommunityWiki:LocalLink - if my original plan amounts to almost spamming tag systems, then maybe only do it for a WikiWord over a certain length (in total letters, or maybe in just cap letters).

Jun'2006: Stowe Boyd points to David Weinberger's concerns on this. Following the local-NameSpace model seems most sensible.

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