This kinda space: a single-author Wiki that supports WebLog features (though I suppose you could do it the other way around, as well). Single-writer (though others can leave comments), public for reading. Also (as of 2020) calling this an Outer Garden.

see WikiWeblog (for older BackLinks) (some people also prefer the term 'Bliki')

one of the WikiTypes

for context/pattern supporting this model, see WikiWeb

I currently (since late 2016) run this on my own WikiFlux engine.

I ran (starting 2003) a hosting service WikilogsCom at that used ZWiki.

see MeatballWiki:WikiLog, ,,

I just found the 'WebLog' page in my old Private Wiki from Sept'99. It says...

"WebLog-s are basically running chronologies of annotated links that the logger finds interesting, and perhaps other random thought-blips.

Usually structured as a multi-day document, most recent stuff at top.

I could see a Wiki node representing some chunk of time (a week?), and using it as a springboard to other nodes of commentary. The problem is that this doesn't create a web of links among the individual little chunks.

Another approach would be to make a separate Wiki node for each nugget, and the WebLog would really be the RecentChanges page..."

How funny is that? It only took 26 months to get around to doing it...

I first got my WikiLog running in a hosted Zwiki space in 2002 - 2002-02-05-a (note that horrible naming up until 2002-09-23-ICal).

Finished Cloning Zwiki With Moinmoin in Jul'2010(?). Migrated all the old content to MoinMoin as part of that process.

Building new Flask For WikiEngine in 2015. Calling engine WikiFlux.

What kind of person might like to run a WikiWeblog instead of a straight WebLog?

An individual who wants to write about ideas, relate them to each other, and refine them.

Someone who's been intrigued by the idea of HyperText might be interested.

I could see Vladimir Nabokov using a wiki instead of hundreds of index cards to develop a story. :)

Someone who's thought, "This weblogging stuff looks interesting, but you're always just throwing away your notes as they slide out of view" might be interested.

WikiLogs --2003/11/07 00:53 GMT
I agree that the idea of a WikiLog is right. What doesn't work right now is the presentation.

A weblog is very personal. A weblog is representative of a PERSON, not just their IDEAS.

Thus, people want their weblog to look nice. They want finer control over the appearance of their page. This is very important! Don't think it's just trivial!

So what we need is a WikiEngine that is custom made for being a blog. It ''does'' need to be different than normal wiki software. The input format is optimized for adjusting appearance, the "StandardPages" are different, it may have special controls, it has Builtin Threading, etc., etc.,. --LionKimbro (

  • Yeah, I wish I were a designer. Any donations accepted! (Also note the Front Page looks nice in Mozilla than in MsIE.) On the other hand, I'm not sure I'd call many A-list weblog designs terribly impressive. --BillSeitz

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