(2004-01-18) Technorati Tags

Technorati has a new Folksonomy tag-tracking system which integrates across Del.icio.us, FlickR, some WebLog engines, and SocialText wiki's that use Category tags (though I haven't found any examples of this yet).


Hmm, how do public Wiki spaces (including WikiLog-s) fit with this model conceptually (note the issues around mapping RecentChanges to an RSS feed)? Could this be a way to move toward InterWiki?

  • hmm, I suppose you could tweak your WikiEngine to put a little linked doodad next to every rendered WikiWord linking to the appropriate technorati tag page... their tags are case-insensitive. Hmm, might needs to use Expanding Wiki Words...

I wonder what the Business Model is here? Is FlickR really going to be happy having photos viewed via Technorati? It's not like there's a lot of other content "around" each photo, though I suppose you can be inspired to view other photos from the same person... and I guess they can see it as promoting their paid accounts (I wonder how many they have?).

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