(2004-01-18) Technorati Tags

Technorati has a new Technorati Tags Folksonomy tag-tracking system which integrates across Del.icio.us, FlickR, some WebLog engines, and SocialText wiki's that use Category tags (though I haven't found any examples of this yet).


Hmm, how do public Wiki spaces (including WikiLogs) fit with this model conceptually (note the issues around mapping RecentChanges to an RSS feed)? Could this be a way to move toward InterWiki?

  • hmm, I suppose you could tweak your WikiEngine to put a little linked doodad next to every rendered WikiWord linking to the appropriate technorati tag page... their tags are case-insensitive. Hmm, might needs to use Expanding Wiki Words...

Various people note SpamWars abuse potential: people putting "popular" tags on irrelevant articles to trick you into clicking.

I wonder what the Business Model is here? Is FlickR really going to be happy having photos viewed via Technorati? It's not like there's a lot of other content "around" each photo, though I suppose you can be inspired to view other photos from the same person... and I guess they can see it as promoting their paid accounts (I wonder how many they have?).

Jul'2005: Derek Powazek on How Tags Happened at Technorati

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