(2006-10-01) Gregorio Disposable Python Web Framework

Joe Gregorio assembled a quickie Python Web Framework (Robaccia) in 3 hours. WSGI heaven. We need some way to route incoming HTTP requests to the right handlers. For this I chose Selector. Again, there are other options in the Python universe like Routes. Elsewhere Joe G described Selector as: It's Routes but built specifically for WSGI. Saves me the trouble of rewriting Dispatch for WSGI.

Then he wrote some code to support Collections in ReST (CRUD over HTTP). A Collection is nothing more than a list, a container for resources. While the APP (Atom Standards) defines a Collection in terms of Atom Feed and Entry documents we don't have to be limited to that.

Then he explored JSON as an alternative to XML, noting that ReST isn't limited to XML. So he designed an API and used his new Collection class to build a server supporting that API.

Jan'2007: using this for his new WebLog software.

May'2007: going to the next step toward a Ruby On Rails sort of model.

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