(2006-12-12) Large Pda Desire

I'm feeling a lust for something bigger than my Sharp Zaurus PDA, but smaller than a Lap Top. An addition to my Personal Network Architecture.

I think the primary use would be FreeMind! To be used in meetings that aren't at my desk.

Some options:

Boy this would probably drive me nuts, deciding what to store where.

  • Would I stick my Private Wiki on this machine?

    • Would I convert the various flavors to Tiddly Wiki? Probably not, since my Lap Top set is intended to have thousands of old notes. (Though it might be worth researching this...)
  • Would it replace the one on my current Sharp Zaurus? Probably not, since the latter is more portable.

Clearly I need to think more about what I want.

Outcome-for-now: we have a spare Lap Top in the office, so I'll try using that for meetings. If that doesn't work out, I may swap my DeskTop for a Lap Top, even if I only use in (various parts of) the office.

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