(2008-06-19) Tiddlyweb Wikkly Text

Phil Jones summarizes some work being done by Chris Dent on Tiddly Web (on Google App Engine) and Frank Mc Ingvale on Wikkly Text (SmartAscii system pulled out of Tiddly Wiki). WikiSpace games: Node Web!

[Here's](http://groups.google.com/group/Tiddly WikiDev/browse_thread/thread/f075630bd1e5564e) a good initial post on goals from Chris Dent. And [this](http://tiddlyweb.appspot.com/recipes/wiki/tiddlers/WhatIsTiddly Web) says The basic idea is that a Tiddly Web is a place for a group of any size to store some Tiddlers and use the Recipe and Bag concepts to generate lists of Tiddlers for various uses. The special sauce is that those lists of tiddlers can be presented as a Tiddly Wiki which has the capacity to synchronize Tiddler changes back to the Tiddly Web store, either immediately as the content is changed, or later if the Tiddly Wiki has been taken offline.

Hmm, he's taking an approach similar to Robaccia: maybe I need to steal his code for my own use?

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