Google App Engine

Google Web Services Platform. Equivalent to Amazon Web Services. Became Google Cloud Platform.

See 2008-04-07-BigtableService.

fears over the Terms Of Service

see also the Policies (Prohibited Content, ProhibitedActions)

James Bennett on lack of libraries to talk to the rest of the net.

Oct'2008: Unit Test options

Using Google App Engine

Nov15'2008: getting started

  • Google App Engine supports any framework written in pure Python that speaks CGI (and any WSGI-compliant framework using a CGI adaptor), including Django, CherryPy, PyLons, and WebPy. You can bundle a framework of your choosing with your application code by copying its code into your application directory. App Engine includes a simple web application framework of its own, called webapp. (Robaccia?)

  • gives access to Google Users system (Single Sign-On).

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