(2009-11-12) Winer Writing Ecosystem Rebuild

Dave Winer is refactoring his Universal Outbox. Single Fat Client Writing app/system, posting to various places (multiple Word Press-based blogs, Twitter, etc.).

  • I Commented to ask about the need for a static server to hold the unrendered content.

    • He replied that it's for Back Up and Data Synch. I Commented again to ask why not just use an existing Online Storage app/service. He thinks the files are small enough that it isn't an issue. It seems like an extra piece of unnecessary Coupl Ing to me.

    • Update: he posts about the issue. I hope that at some point we might swing back with everyone having their own home base and that we might still have the benefit of real-time updates, and scatter the bits all over creation. I want the best of both worlds. I Commented some more...

  • This moved onto the question as to the future of the Home Server. Actually, he means any personally-controlled server, so it could be a hosted-elsewhere VPS/slice...

Nov25 update: he says The goal is to have a single feed that captures all my online writing. Moving toward what I call the Loosely-coupled 140 character message network. His current feed has 140-char entries with permalinks pointing to full content. I Commented to ask if he foresees a united feed of full-content.

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