Information Ecosystem Roadmap

EcoSystem for Information Co-Creation (and simple creating/consuming)

Nov'2009 notes that could be called Content Distribution Ecosystem Roadmap or Blogging Ecosystem Roadmap

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Pre-2009 generic/meta notes

All info is already digital at some point

  • even if rendered back to analog like Printed Book

  • except unrecorded Live Event? even that has lots of digital action

Multimedia is still important, and becoming cheaper to produce/distribute.

  • though most of it so far is just a shiny downgrade from Text.

But written info still crucial

  • easier to auto search/scan/categorize

  • easier to browse/scan and quote (MashUp)

  • easier to distribute/store for Mobile

Reading moving to digital/screen (already maybe a majority?).

Mobile devices increasingly important

  • communication: voice, IM, EMail

  • ref info: yellow pages, maps

  • reviews: products, movies, restaurants

So Mobile reading becomes more natural. And want to use converged device: small, multi-purpose, not dedicated or Lap Top.

  • but want to easily read same book on multi devices (UbiComp) 2008-01-17-HarrisPerfectEbookReader

    • ideally "keep your place" in synch

      • Bk Keepr does this via Twitter, but people tweet in terms of which "page" they're on, which might be an issue if you read with different reader apps on different platforms, and they report this info in different ways. (I use FBReader on both my MacBook and my Nokia N810: they are consistent, in having some concept of page that's different from screen-number.)
  • So a Book Server makes sense.

But there are still reasons for people to stick with the Printed Book

  • it won't stop working when there's a format change, or your hard disk crashes, or you buy a new Mobile, or you somehow break the EULA, etc.

  • some people like physical books in their environment (small % of population, but driving large % of book sales)

EBook-s will evolve to fit the resulting reading style, which is already changing during DeskTop use.

Fiction may change less

Non-Fiction will change more

Will most books start as EBook and then some will become Printed Book-s? Some will have tiny runs based on aggregated pre-orders with direct fulfillment or Print On Demand, a small number of online hits will go through standard-current distribution. (Publish Then Filter... Then Package

  • and more work/value will be added during that packaging process.

    • a human editor will help massage the text. Maybe significant re-writing will happen. (Will it be re-tested via EBook before committing to print?)

    • illustrations, cover, etc. will be created/improved

    • layout/design will be worked on (to the extent that it matters)

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