(2010-07-23) Archiving My Tweets

For ~6mo, my WikiLog was down. Twitter became my main "outlet". Now that my WikiLog is back up, I want to re-integrate.

Intent: generate a node for each week containing that week's tweets.

  • I'll probably have an intermediate step of reading through them all and tweaking any missing WikiWords.

    • I might choose to not republish relatively personal/private stuff. (Might send that to a different page, on my Private Wiki.)

    • I might also want to resolve BitLy URL-s.

  • I'd like to get all 2796 of my tweets, not just the ones from the gap.

Start from this Aug'2009 page.

Try the Python script, even though it's from late 2007. Fail - Twitter doesn't support BasicAuth anymore.

Try Tweet Backup http://tweetbackup.com ...

  • yes, it sucked them all up!

  • trying various export formats - ah, the RSS/XML version includes the actual tweet URL-s.

Now I have to write my own code....

Jul02'2012 - up to 5900+ tweets. The RSS/XML format is gone, but the HTML flavor now includes the URL.

Sept25'2012 - up to 6652 tweets. Ran it again because I'm paranoid about Twitter API games...

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