(2010-08-10) Robb Itv Momentum

John Robb pre-announces the launch of his tool/service "iTV Momentum". It continuously scans everything (!) in Social Media and uses advanced algorithms to enable you to get in front of rapidly evolving social trends. Or, in other words, it allows you to routinely anticipate the future in any domain of interest you care about. In order to make some money doing this, we've packaged it as a service for professional customers (marketing pros, campaign managers, public relations representatives, strategic communications pros, investors, hedge funds, etc.). In short, anyone that wants to get ahead of a rapidly evolving global communications system to prevent surprise (Black Swan-s), realize opportunity, and mitigate damage (social systems disruption). (Thinking Space? Meme Tracker?)

Dec14 update - more details.

Jan'2011 update: They've got a website.

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