(also: Mind Mapping app for AnDroid. Shares nicely with FreeMind. http://www.thinkingspace.net )

My Framing of this space

Anchor for My Social Media Mix.

I used to think of this as a Thought Space, but that's too static-sounding. Hmmm, does that mean I need to change my planned product name of Thought Flux?

There is this public-readable space, plus a completely private space. Sometimes I think it would make sense to combine them, but probably not. Though I may want an easy way to copy/move/clone a page from one space to the other.

I'm also interested in public collaborative/shared spaces (Collaboration Ware). But my current beliefs are:

So I'm not trying to handle such a thing right now.

So what are my needs?

my individual public writing space (Reading And Writing)

Private writing: journal (NoteBook), psych, etc.

Storing content in XML would be nice, but WiKi is lite enough that it probably warrants a gimme on that criterion. (hah, ancient remark - though combining Wiki And Outlining might have value, plus JSON for Structured Wiki PIM).

plans from late-2000

I'm considering using ZopeCMF, with its CmfWiki, but my experiments so far have been a bit frustrating, and I think there will be significant blurring between "core" ZopeCMF content and CmfWiki content as time goes on, so I think I'll wait a bit. In the meantime...

What needs to be added to ZWiki to make it better for diaries and blogging?

My grander vision is to integrate this into a broader structured data space (Object Browser): PIM, Project Manager, etc.

Also see Jorn Barger (Robot Wisdom) idea of archiving proxy server to log/cache everything you browse (Personal Web Archive)


Bill Seitz Writing Tool History

Some links from a recent thread on an email list:

Have you already seen my http://www.ourpla.net/john/wikiweblogpim.html page? --JohnAbbe

Have you seen my BlogFace? -Karl Anderson

Hi Bill! Is your Wiki in the Primarily Public Domain? http://www.primarilypublicdomain.org ? Then we could use it for our ideafeeds http://www.ideafeeds.com Andrius http://www.primarilypublicdomain.org/post/

You might want to check out phpWiki http://phpwiki.sourceforge.net -it does many of the things you mention above. TheAphid

I just want to practice using this licensing mechanism. Andrius Kulikauskas, http://www.ms.lt http://www.reversible.org/ThisPostIsPublicDomain

I just want to practice using this licensing mechanism. Andrius, http://www.reversible.org/ThisPostIsCC/by-nc-sa/1.0

I just want to practice using this licensing mechanism. Andrius. http://www.reversible.org/ThisPostIsCC

<b>Why I like what you've done and would not change it all that much.</b> --2003/10/24 03:39 GMT<br> Bill,

I think your design of using a zwiki for a weblog is great. I like it's simplicity. Please don't muck it up by going to the CMF.

I am using your same idea for my wikilog and had to make that same decision - that is, I chost to do separate blogs, one public - one private.

Why make your site collaborative? Why not have a way to find out who links to your entries in their own weblogs. This way your collaborative site spans anyone whose interested and has the ability to post their thoughts to the web in whichever way works for them.

<b>Thought Flux</b> --2003/10/27 14:33 GMT<br> "I used to think of this as a [Thought Space], but that's too static-sounding. Hmmm, does that mean I need to change my planned product name of [Thought Flux]?"

I don't see why. Thought Space does indeed sound static. Thought Flux is clearly dynamic. :) http://hamish.blogs.com/

<b>This seems to be exactly what I'm looking for!</b> --2003/11/09 19:16 GMT<br> Hello Bill, I have been looking for a system like this for a long time. If you're interested in some of the tools I've looked at, see

Is your system open-source software? I.e., can I set it up on my web hosting provider? Thanks and Congratulations on creating what seems like a great tool!

<b>Edit and annotation to my "this seems to be exactly what I'm looking for" entry</b> --2004/01/18 11:54 GMT<br> Hello Again,

Annotation: I just wrote an item called <a href="http://deflexion.com/messaging/blogs/">Just What is a Blog</a> and I refer to this page because I'm still impressed with the vision that you lay out here.

Edit: The tools I've looked at, including comments about them, are now on <a href="http://deflexion.com/about/">this page</a>.

Thanks for your interesting site and your vision! Nancy Mc Gough

Feb2004 thoughts

Some annoyances:

Some stuff I've blabbed about: Universal Toolbox, NodeWeb, Mind Mapping

Random thoughts:

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