(2010-11-17) Udell Recent Work And Patterns

Jon Udell notes: I’d like to thank Caleb Clark for recording and posting a video of the talk I gave last month at the Marlboro College Graduate School. I watched it the other night and I think it’s my best explanation of a cluster of things I’ve been thinking about and working toward for a long time. The list includes:

  • the Local Web
  • Library Lookup
  • webscale identifiers
  • ReST
  • public data
  • Loosely Coupled cloud services
  • lightweight service composition
  • structure and transformation of data
  • the Elm City project
  • the PubSub pattern
  • feed syndication (RSS)
  • personally authoritative data publishing
  • social and decentralized information management

When I look at that list, and realize that I’m always trying to do (and describe) all of these things at the same time — because they’re all deeply intertwingled (Intertwingularity) — I can see why it’s been so hard to tell the story.

Jan24'2011 update: he now has a list of some (7) principles that people apply when they work well together online. It’s the same list that emerges when I talk about Computational Thinking, or Fourth R principles, or Thinking Like The Web.

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