Elm City

Jon Udell Event Calendar project.



Mar'2014: wrapping up. The elevator pitch for Elm City is short and sweet. It’s RSS for calendars. That implies a pub/sub network based on a standard exchange format, in this case iCalendar (ICal). And an ecosystem of interoperable software components. And layered on top of that, an ecosystem of cooperating stakeholders. On the interop front iCalendar doesn’t fare as well as you’d expect, given that it’s been around since 1999 and is baked into calendar software from Google, Microsoft, and Apple (among many others) that’s used every day by hundreds of millions of people. Why is interop still a problem? Because while in theory people and organizations can form iCalendar-based pub/sub networks, in practice few ever try. So iCalendar feeds don’t interoperate nearly as well as you’d expect... It’s the Stakeholder ecosystem that never came together.

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