(2011-04-17) 4 Hour Body Epub Games

So I bought Timothy Ferriss's Four Hour Body (absent any other action, buying a book about Physical Fitness works as well as signing up for the gym). I bought it through Barnes And Noble.

It seems like an EPub rather than the usual PDF EBook.

So I tried just opening it in FBReader. It was added to the library, but once inside it didn't show anything. Probably encrypted.

Tried just ungzipping it. Created all the nice folders of stuff like an EPub should, but the actual contents of the HTML files were unreadable.

Tried running ignobleepub.py against it, got an "Error -3 while decompressing: invalid distance too far back".

OK, let's go back to basics - can my Nook app read it (on MacOs X)?

  • actually, I just have the "Ebook reader.app" from 2009. Yes, it opened it (after prompting me for name/credit card).
  • also it looks like there might be a more-recent Nook app for MacOs X. Downloaded, but the .dmg wouldn't mount.

Recall that at some point I changed the Credit Card I use at Barnes And Noble, so my decrypt-key-file is probably wrong.

  • so run ignoblekeygen.py and enter new info, and make new key-file.
  • run ignobleepub.py again, and now it succeeds!
  • open in FBReader - now it works!

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