(2011-11-15) Great Big Ideas Liberal Arts Video Course

GreatBigIdeas delivers an undergraduate Liberal Arts education in 12 weeks. It's a Survey Course of twelve major fields delivered by their most important thinkers and practitioners... Each (Video) lecture explores the key questions in the field, lays out the methods for answering those inquiries and explains why the field matters... Harvard and Yale will concurrently offer the same course (developed by Floating University).

The course is available online for anyone. A $495 enrollment in Great Big Ideas includes:

  • 12 hours of Floating University lectures, released throughout the Fall 2011 semester. (You'll get to take the course alongside students who are currently enrolled in university.)
  • A course syllabus including suggested and related readings. (All readings for Great Big Ideas may be purchased in digital form, for an additional fee, from within our e-learning platform.)
  • Exclusive access to each lecture's online discussion board. (Discussion Forum; MOOC?)
  • Notes for every lecture and reading.
  • Additional perspectives on each lecture from outside experts.
  • Course access for 6 months (from date of sign-up).

I emailed to ask about a price list for the reading materials....

  • 3 Printed Book-s to buy (not survey Text-Book-s)
  • "course pack readings" - $110, distributed by UniversityReaders

Nov'2012 update: I just re-looked at the page, and the price is down to $200! Also, I see that there's no college credit issued, there is a Certification for those who choose to pass the assessment benchmarks.

Apr'2018: looks like it died back then. https://twitter.com/floatingu

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