(2019-09-11) Music Discovery And Mobile


  • I've used an iPod nano for listening to music, mainly to avoid battery drain on my mobile
  • used Last.fm to track/share my listens, and to generate recommendations


  • my PixelBuds make me want to rely on my phone
  • but I haven't found a good mp3 player app
  • and I don't want to pay for Spotify Premium given my preference to buy/control music (esp because of things like MashUps which are often not available, plus weird choice of Syncopated Music)
  • Last.fm's reliance on YouTube for music (if you don't have Spotify Premium) has become intolerable because of the constant ads

So experimenting with other options, esp on phone

  • Spotify free app - doing a search and getting playlists always seems to result in weak playlists.
  • Amazon music - since that's where I've done my mp3-buying (but not free-downloading). Hmm they have some Recommended Playlists based on my purchases, maybe I'll try those...
  • MixCloud - because David Byrne uses this, and having just discovered this mix of jazz covers of the Police's "Message in a Bottle" which came out 40yrs ago.

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