(2020-12-13) WD MyBook For MacBookPro

WD MyBook 3TB For MacBookPro - (2020-09-25) Setting Up New MacBookPro. Using Syntech MARK2-1 adaptor between USB-A and USB-C. Dec12: Won't power up at all. Arrange return.

Dec13: 2nd one comes

  • plug it in. Prompt comes about whether to use it as TimeMachine unit, I say yes. It gives me an error message, saying "eject or turn off". It seems like it already shut itself off. And it won't turn back on.
  • downloaded/installed WD-Discovery and WD-Utilities. Doesn't matter if it won't power up.
  • leave WD a DM tweet

Dec15 get email from Syntech - This adapter is compatible with a MacBook Pro 2019 16". But it is incompatible with a WD MyBook hard drive, because it cannot supply enough power. Which doesn't quite make sense to me, since the drive has its own power supply (unlike some portable drives). I emailed them back to confirm.

Western Digital support: It usually works with most of the USB adapters.

So I returned their 2nd drive, too.

I just bought a G-Tech 1TB G-Drive for $75. Gets powered through the USB-C, is super-fast.

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