(2020-09-25) Setting Up New MacBookPro

New MacBookPro arrived today. (2020-09-23) Time To Replace MacBookPro

Key thing is I'm not doing a massive/initial restore-from-BackUp setup, because I want clean Python installs to solve my OpenSSH woes. But I'm wondering whether there's a pick-and-choose mode in Migration Assistant...



  • main documents (except code)
    • grr issue with first batch, the articles directory is definitely incomplete. Finishing the rest of the directory, then going back to dig into details there
    • finished, digging into articles - got within 50 files out of ~4k. Finally resort to diff
      • looks like all the issues are uncopied .DS_Store files
      • ugh occasionally my old machine stops sharing and it kills this long process. Might have to move some directories around to keep a smaller/cleaner target...
  • Sept30 all done with that piece

To do

  • Python (2 and 3, OpenSSH)
  • downloads, desktop - done Oct09
  • local Thunderbird folders - done Oct09
  • pictures, "Photos" - done Oct09
  • ebook scripts - start by upgrading old laptop to same version as noon, then copy things over....
    • probably leaving documents/Digital Editions (AdobeDigitalEditions)
    • Oct15 get Calibre to recognize the ebooks library copied over. Added some non-DRM ebooks.
    • launched Digital Editions and got prompted for login/authorization.... ok worked that out, got encrypted epubs
    • going to install DeDRM plugin in Calibre, discover have to downgrade Calibre to v4.23
    • Oct15 convert some recent purchases, all good.
  • music (hrm itunes->"music"): done Oct25
  • config dBeaver, or don't bother? (if do, then start by upgrading both to same version)
  • hardware issues:
    • ipod charge/sync: hmm family member has USB-C/Lightning adaptor because iphone, so try that: Nov23 yep worked
    • hard-drive backup - time to buy another MyBook? or just seek cable? (note only have 500GB inside)
      • (2020-12-13) WD MyBook For MacBookPro fail
      • Dec21 order G-Technology 1TB G-DRIVE after reading this - not coming until January
      • Dec29 it already came. Oh, it's one of those portable/pocket drives that even gets its power from the USB. Just set it up - surprisingly fast first-time fill-up.

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