(2022-02-06) Adding SisterSites

I want to add TwinPages/SisterSites for some more Digital Gardens.

All my Phil Jones/ThoughtStorms links were broken because he had gone back to his own software which uses CamelCase for URLs. Luckily he had an AllPages page which I could use to rebuild that list.

Sadly, most other DigitalGardens are private, and most are pretty small.

I looked at AnAgora and found a couple candidates. Sadly, AnAgora pages themselves aren't scrapable because they don't have links to the source-page (I want to link only to the origin). So I have to go looking for lists at each site.

Feb06 I'm looking at Neil Mather's DoubleLoop space...

  • a little regex, a little coding, now I have a nice file with every line being a url and a clean-lower-name (for TwinPages matching)
  • uh-oh, 99% of his pages have timestamp prefixes, are the stripped names unique? Definitely not rclone.... phew that looks like the only issue
  • hmm I see some names with accented characters....
    • the URLs are ASCII
    • ugh my script had stripped those name-chars, not surprisingly
    • in my case, since URL and name are tied more tightly, I only use ASCII in them. I'm gonna be rude and do that to Neil, too. Luckily there's only a few.
  • yuck a couple cases where he has spaces within the URL. I turned those into %20 in my file, then it worked.
  • now all inserted, see for instance bottom of Zettelkasten

Looking at Boris Mann next

  • yikes messy bits, see AnAgora notes
  • asking him if he has a list or documentation to avoid me making some mistakes....
  • Feb08: inserted his 220 "notes"

Feb08: added Flancian nodes, pointing to AnAgora

Feb08: added Gordon Brander "patterns" pages - 156 unique

Hmm, IndieWeb folks?....

Asking Chris Aldrich if any of his spaces are wiki-like.

  • he has an actual wiki but doesn't update it now
  • his articles have long/bloggy titles
  • his notes have no titles

Tantek Celik: no pages with wiki-like titles

Looking at Nikita Voloboev

The bigger issue with these "non-standard" sites is that it would take more work to have the widget work on their site.

Page with most TwinPages: BackLinks

Pondering whether I can strip my blogbit datestamps from names for TwinPages collision - how many uniqueness issues would I have?

FedWiki? 86,508 pages in 1,211 sites! (ah, better link)

  • downloaded a big cache
  • the list of URLs is in slugs.txt - I could filter on the size of this file to focus on bigger cases
    • 15kb file ~ 1000 slugs, there are ~50 of these files
  • then the containing directory is the hostname - I could collect those, then assign each a space-name
  • I think I have some old code that does some of this....
  • seeing some weird results, digging in....
    • ah, it looks like each page has its own directory (inside /pages/), which also includes a slugs.txt (with a single line - itself) - so maybe skip the pages dir...
    • might also want to skip obsolete (not-live) sites - is the right method to look at the mod-date on file=scraped? Yep.
  • of the biggest 16 sites, 6 of them are within sfw.c2.com: are these redundant?

Mar09 looking at Alex Schroeder's wiki - he points me at all-pages page.

  • I rip out the datestamp pages, the "image for" pages, and "Comments on" pages → left with 737 pages
  • done

Mar10: add Melanocarpa on-request from Timur Ismagilov https://melanocarpa.lesarbr.es/recent-changes/20

Mar17: some more folks are trying to add the widget to their site: (2022-03-17) TwinPages widget for other sites

Mar18: here's the current list of SisterSites:

 DaytonExperiment       | http://dayton.fed.wiki/view/
 FrankMcPherson         | http://fedwiki.frankmcpherson.net/view/
 Garden2Flux36          | http://flux36.flux2.garden:5000/outer/
 WardForage             | http://forage.ward.fed.wiki.org/view/
 FedWikiFuture          | http://future.fedwiki.org/view/
 GoalJam                | http://goaljam.org/view/
 PlatformEarthHack      | http://hack.thought.garden/view/
 SdgGoalJam             | http://ims.goaljam.org/view/
 KerryTurner            | http://kerry.tries.fed.wiki/view/
 MakeCommoningWork      | http://makecommoningwork.fed.wiki/view/
 MarcDojo               | http://marc.dojo.fed.wiki/view/
 MarcPierson            | http://marc.tries.fed.wiki/view/
 MeatBall               | http://meatballwiki.org/wiki/
 MarcNES                | http://nes.marc.tries.fed.wiki/view/
 PatternsOfCommoning    | http://patternsofcommoning.fed.wiki/view/
 RisksDigestFW          | http://risks.rodwell.me/view/
 AlexSchroeder          | https://alexschroeder.ch/wiki?
 Flancian               | https://anagora.org/@flancian/
 BorisMann              | https://bmannconsulting.com/
 DoubleLoop             | https://commonplace.doubleloop.net/
 GordonBrander          | https://gordonbrander.com/pattern/
 DonNoyes               | http://sites.noyes.asia.wiki.org/view/
 Melanocarpa            | https://melanocarpa.lesarbr.es/hypha/
 SofiVsm                | http://sofivsm.marc.tries.fed.wiki/view/
 NikitaVoloboev         | https://wiki.nikitavoloboev.xyz/
 ThompsonInnovateOregon | http://thompson.wiki.innovateoregon.org/view/
 ThoughtGarden          | http://thought.garden/view/
 ThoughtStorms          | http://thoughtstorms.info/view/
 WardAsia               | http://ward.asia.wiki.org/view/
 WardBay                | http://ward.bay.wiki.org/view/
 WardCunningham         | http://ward.fed.wiki.org/view/
 WebSeitzGarden2        | http://webseitz.flux2.garden:5000/wiki/
 WebSeitzPrivate        | http://webseitz.fluxent.com/private/
 WebSeitzWiki           | http://webseitz.fluxent.com/wiki/
 WellSpring             | http://wellspring.fed.wiki/view/
 EricDobbs              | http://wiki.dbbs.co/view/
 ParliamentOfThings     | http://wiki.parliamentofthings.org/view/
 RalfBarkow             | http://wiki.ralfbarkow.ch/view/
 C0deAcademy            | http://www.c0de.academy/view/
 WikiWikiWeb            | http://www.c2.com/cgi/wiki?
 CommunityWiki          | http://www.communitywiki.org/en/
 MikeTravers            | http://www.hyperphor.com/ammdi/pages/


  • ping Nick Trombley after discovering his "Barnsworthburning" garden.
  • remember I have a title-search-across-SisterSites feature
  • hrm I should add these sites to my Google CoOp search engine. Update: jfc they only let you pick 10!


  • I purged all those (pages only, I left the spaces for some reason...)
  • Mike has specifically pointed at Bruno Latour - now a shorter list, and all good.

Aug29: discover that Mike Travers' pages have been broken since April because he changed his host, path, and url-suffix! Db now updated, all good.

Sept14: ask whether CompendiumCards has a list to share. I downloaded ~250 concept names, but didn't even have the links as part of that....

Sept15: notice that LessWrong has 736 tags!

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