(2023-09-15) Product Camp Chicago

Product Camp Chicago again

Keynote: Chris Butler, Strategy as Individuals

  • everything we write is a Fiction.
  • 8 frameworks: All Models Are Wrong, But Some Are Useful, can give you better confidence that you've at least thought through some options/patterns
  • Uncertainty Project https://www.theuncertaintyproject.org/ tries to embrace decision-making under uncertainty
    • decision rehearsals
    • even-over
    • causal loop diagrams (diagram of effects)
    • ooda
    • value engineering
    • decision rights
  • Uncertainty of the world
  • uncertainty of agreement: the optimal level of alignment isn't "perfect"
  • product spine
    • abstractions
    • overly detailed Roadmap tries to compensate for lack of strategy/vision
    • fallacy of detachment, fallacy of formalization
    • fallacy of prediction
  • 360deg strategies
    • 2x2: 4 types of documents (past/future, do/not-do)
    • bizarro strategies: alternative future strategies
      • should be reasonable possible choices, can imagine a good competitor doing it
      • if you can't find a bizarro mirror of your strategy, it isn't a strategy
        • should have lots of Anti lists: personas not to serve, jobs not to do...
    • these should all be linked, in-mind: world building
  • breadth of thought, confidence in the metagames
  • can't expect bosses to be strategic (cf strategic context)
    • so fill the void with 360deg to build context
    • make sure it's in writing and shared/spread
    • refer to that in pushing back incoherent idea push
    • try to subvert it into different idea that delivers the truly desired outcome
  • sidebar: design fiction

Paul Timmerman, Toptal, Feedback River into Insights

  • consistent pulse
  • structure to create/formalize insights
  • user journey map good top-down structure
    • team per step
    • feature areas should fit in here
  • streams of feedback: review sites, sales call Gong transcripts, segment.io etc
    • goes into BigQuery pool: most sources (eg TrustPilot) have APIs for that already
  • pool for querying
  • stream to skim: 1 piece per stream broadcast to slack channel (fairly random within certain filters)
    • ah someone tags/filter each item, which goes into Airtable
      • so if a piece doesn't get picked for slack, it never makes it downstream

Himica Kumar: What it Takes to Scale B2B Products: From Inception to Monetization" at Adyen (payments)

  • buyer is not user, frequent updates not necessarily good...
  • using past Coupa (virtual cards) clients as examples
  • Barclays: wouldn't go live/wide, whack-a-mole. Talk to users (not buyer/decision-maker), find the real/big problem

Dan Chuparkoff: future of Product Management

  • (just left Google this week for New Thing)
  • your most important product is your team that builds the product (teamwork)
  • adapting to change
    • continuous learning: dedicate time weekly
    • learning equation: 100% / yearsUntilBigChange. So 10yrs needs 10% of your work-week invested.
    • team learnathons: everyone learn some stuff, report back (on work-time, but needs to have some relevance to the business/market)
  • accelerating
    • no-meeting week, no-email/slack-week
      • often exposes lack of autonomy, so then fix that
    • gpt: automate the boring/stupid stuff?

Darn I should have pitched giving my gonzo talk. (2022-10-12) Accidental Learnings of a Journeyman Product Manager

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