Astor Place

my subway stop in the East Village

The old Empire State Building cam doesn't work the same, but here's what I posted a couple years ago:

Welcome to the Astor Place area of Manhattan, courtesy of the Empire State Building cam (and Dave). I live in the white brick building roughly a third of the way from the left of the image. The tower with the clock is the ConEd building. The brown towers with pyramid tops are the ZeckendorfTowers. That weird brown building at dead center is Cooper Union (planning major expansion), that light-brown building near the right edge with the weird black circle/stem running down it is the old Carl Fischer building (music publisher, that's an eighth-note with a clock in the center) (now going condo-loft). The white building whose corner is jutting into the Fischer building is the old Wanamaker annex (see diary ) (the main building across the street burned down, now holding that white apartment building (Stewart House) shown here in front of the annex), now housing JCrew (offices, not store), K Mart, and lots of other businesses.

Other landmarks

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