Basecamp Needs A Wiki

BaseCamp Needs A Wiki.

How easily could it be integrated?

Looking at Basecamp "Classic"

  • project overview - item names link to specific items, so wouldn't make sense to link WikiWord-s within them
  • milestone
    • name doesn't link to anything, so could link WikiWord-s
  • messages
    • list of messages - each name links to detail of comment, so ok not to link WikiWord-s. Though if body is displayed could link from there
    • single-message view - can link WikiWord-s in name or body of each message
  • To Do List-s
    • list-of-lists shows/links name of each To Do List, also shows each To Do in list (unlinked), but not the contents of each
  • Everything seems pretty promising - blocks of body text don't start out in Text Area-s, so you can link anything in them.

Looking at sample/tour project. Also looks like there wouldn't be a big problem.

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