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server-side RssAggregator/Portal

Mark Fletcher is founder and CEO of Trustic, Inc, the company behind the Bloglines service. Mark founded O N Elist, Inc in 1997. Renamed EGroups, Inc, the email group service was acquired by Yahoo in September, 2000. (Yahoo Groups)

Apr'2011 - interview with Mark Fletcher about Ask Jeeves acquisition.

Command Line interface?

How I use Blog Lines

I make folders, grouping channels/feeds by importance (to me). (I'll also demote a feed whose flow is just so great that it becomes a burden, e.g. Boing Boing and many Wiki RecentChanges feeds.)

  • you can see my list here

And I have Blog Lines sort within folder by number-of-unread-items.

So I'll often just click on a folder and see all the unread items across the contained channels.

Or, if the overall folder has too much for that moment-of-distraction, I'll pick one feed to browse.

Wouldn't it be interesting to see a tag/keyword cloud just from your set of unread postings? And then be able to just view the items matching a particular term? [z2005-07-07-TagCloud]

Sometimes I dump a feed's Blog Lines view down to an HTML file to load onto my Sharp Zaurus. Unfortunately, that doesn't easily lead to blogging anything I read that way...

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