Calories Per Acre

useful way to measure food production (Family Farm, Agriculture). See related PermaCulture, Aquaculture.

Note this is a per-year number.

On the consumption-side, people need ~2500 cal/day, which is 912kcal/yr (or roughly 1M).

  • grains 6-18 Mcal/acre (potatoes/corn much better than wheat)
  • meats 1-3
    • Grass-Fed beef is actually lower, I think, but can use land that isn't good for growing staple crops anyway.

  • apples 12-23M! (latter is commercial production)

  • romain lettuce 1.3
  • sweet potato 8.5
  • apples 8.5
  • cherries 2.4
  • see section on insects!

almonds 5.4k? (2k lbs/acre, 170 cal/oz)

So taking a crude fake avg of 8M/acre, I conclude that each acre can support 8 people, or a sqmi can support 5k people. (Population Density)

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