Like CoHousing but typically in a single building.

cf CoOp, CoWorking

Nov'2015: TroyEvans opened this CoWorking space, CoWorks, in a downtown building here in February. Coworking is probably a familiar concept at this point, but Evans wants to take his idea a step further. On Friday, on the top two floors of the building, he’s starting construction on a space he envisions as a dorm for Millennials, though he cringes at the word “dorm.” Common Space, as he’s calling it, will feature 21 microunits, which each pack a tiny kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and living space into 300-square-feet. The microunits surround shared common areas including a chef’s kitchen, a game room, and a TV room.

Jun'2015: *General Assembly cofounder BradHargreaves quietly founded a coliving company called Common that will facilitate group living (or "coliving") by screening roommates, paying utilities, setting up a kitchen, and providing shared supplies like paper towels and coffee. Residents at its first space, a 19-room apartment building in Brooklyn that is scheduled to open this fall, will pay for rooms on a month-to-month basis without a long-term lease... Pure House, in Williamsburg, has five locations. Krash has eight spaces throughout Boston, New York, and Washington, D.C. (some of these, its cofounder says, are intended to be temporary). We Work, the largest coworking space, plans to launch a residential offering called We Live later this year.

Jun'2015: Campus CEO Tom Currier has just announced that his fast-growing housing startup will be dissolving, putting in jeopardy its upwards of 150 San Francisco and New York City residents from roughly 30 co-living houses. "Despite continued attempts to alter the company’s current business model and explore alternative ones, we were unable to make Campus into an economically viable business."

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