Hackers On Planet Earth (Hacker)

Live Event


The Hotel Pennsylvnia ("Pennsylvania6-5000"), where it's held, is supposed to be demolished.

Missed 2010 and 2012.

The Last-HOPE was Jul18-20'2008 http://www.thelasthope.org/

OWASP: boring corporate presentatiion

Urban Farming by Bicycle Mark

  • composting is not easy, get help

  • Victory Garden (Kitchen Garden)

  • multi-site: let others work your backyard

  • CSA

  • Spin Farming: space-intensive (that doesn't sound right, the whole idea of SPIN is to get lots of yield per area)

  • Vertical Farm: multi-story building, hydroponics: none built yet. Raise BioFuel?

  • cityfarmer.org, cityfarmer.info, ryanishungry.com

  • city money often avail: sanitation dept, etc

Food Hacking

Climate Change

  • US military is largest consumer of oil


Art Of Do Foo

  • data analysis/inference w large data sets

  • left in middle

Community Fabrication (Desktop Fab)

Public IT: Groningen Netherlands

Better Ballot Box

  • Diebold now called Premier

  • smells like edge cases (handicap, multi-lingual) create infinite complexity. Maybe fall back to paper for long tail?

Free-music rant

  • uh I don't see any part about the starving people

Prometheus radio: how to talk to normal people

  • farm workers taught Reading in 45 days

Reprimand/Gonzo: fanboy inside-baseball

OLPC adhoc

  • recent Olpc Update 1 improves power mgmt but may screw up mesh networking

Honey Pot

Steven Rambam

  • (everyone read Little Brother)

  • 30sec after callerID: he'll have basic info on you

  • 5min for criminal record, family

  • from Stevens Tech talk: spent 5hrs researching one guy's info

  • focusing on private databases: because govt usually outsources this stuff

  • plenty from Social Networking

  • Amazon has db of everyone's soul

  • Google has more

  • Mobile makes things worse: completely tied to you.

    • And you can't take the battery out of your IPhone
  • Justin Barber: killed his wife, caught [by](http://abcnews.go.com/GMA/Legal Center/Story?id=2101466&page=1) browser cache

  • Goog Le owns the data the have: attitude

    • won't remove it
  • remember: DoubleClick, etc

  • de-anonymizing:

    • via cross-ref

    • no ID needed, just unique combo of data: AOL search records; Ny Times census research

  • Dominos Pizza customer db: sold to Federal Marshall-s

  • Stop N Shop selling data to HMO-s. Stopped by outrage.

  • On Star can be activated remotely by warrant

  • Car license plates being identified all the time

    • roving cars scan 3k/hr
  • Cell Phone location


  • tracking dwi, truants: must carry/register gps phone

  • Tivo selling data

  • Info Usa sells lots of lists

  • used in Jury Pool investigation

  • private companies: no FOIA

    • LexisNexis (owned by Reed Elsevier) and Choice Point own everything now. [Biggest](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Choice Point#National_security_contracts) client: US govt. And govt won't pass that info in FOIA request.
  • local police: drones, UAV-s

    • Devil Ray recharges from powerlines, never sleeps

    • NYPD $10M helicopter; can see what you're doing in your car? I guess that's just through the windshield?

  • WebCam growing use

  • Quividi billboards look at you

  • Gorilla Trak

  • Rick investigation

    • just private db, no field work

    • found someone else using his SSN

    • follow-up: tracked him for year while Rick tried to hide, caught him bunch of times: Stealing Your Own Identity coming out soon

      • Panera cafe hotspot to send email

      • cell phone ping

      • frequent flyer number: plane ticket

      • match.com scam

      • called pharmacy, pretended to be him, got his doctor name, found out scheduled visit

      • Ex If tags, gap in photo numbers, found photos in "secret" FlickR area showing where we was

    • FBI arrest story: Santoro

      • FBI filed complaint w NYS licensure group yesterday

Zen of Hacker: Joshua of FSF

DMCA: Marcia of FSF

Corporate Jurisdiction

Simulating Universe

  • simulate sample of 10^6 particles

Grand Theft Media: laslow.com (of Grand TheftAuto)

Adam Savage of Myth Busters

  • biggest welcome ovation

  • obsessions: photos

  • Do Do skeleton: Super Sculpey

  • Maltese Falcon

  • has portable laser scanner

  • new episodes in couple weeks

  • ILM sold off their model biz last year

  • jack off all trades

  • shows they didn't do (because Discovery Channel was scared of advertisers): rfid-card security; teeth whiteners

You Tomb: has API?

Jello Biafra: news bits

Hope-6 was Jul21'2006 http://www.hopenumbersix.net/

  • my photos - FlickR:HopeConference

Speaker Steven Rambam/Steven Rombom was arrested by the FBI while there.

notes from various sessions

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