What is EOS? An Intro to the Entrepreneurial Operating System. Traction touts the Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS®), and outlines six key business components: Vision, People, Data, Issues, Process and Traction®. To be successful, Gino Wickman contends, companies need to define and align these core components.

As Tom tells us, EOS is a set of simple, practical, real-world tools to help entrepreneurs and leadership teams get what they want from their business. Designed for companies with 10–250 employees, EOS outlines six key components:

So how does your business stack up in each area? Take the Organizational Checkup™ to hone in on your strengths, weaknesses and some recommended next steps.

EOS is an open source solution, so you can DIY it using books and templates available on EOSWorldwide.com, or you can rope in a facilitator to help.


Key book: Traction: Get a Grip on Your Business ISBN:9781936661848

There are a few companies that make software for EOS specifically. (Thinking Tools?)

EOS Lacks Traction - CO2 Partners

It has become a source is frustration to me working with Entrepreneurs and hearing those three letters together E.O.S. (Entrepreneurs Operating System). The marking the Gina has done is worthy of a Harvard Case Study. From filling the bloggers, like me, with positive book reviews for Traction his book.

One big problem is it lacks strategy.

Additionally, entrepreneurs have a way of letting the idea machine run wild... Entrepreneurs by their very nature are the creatives. If they have to do anything twice you have lost their interest. EOS is the new shiny object for the entrepreneur to latch on to in order to straighten out the big hair ball that has been created that is not operating smoothly. The issue is that EOS treats every business as an operationally excellent business regardless of if it is a product leader or customer intimate business. In order to be operationally excellent one must do the same thing repeatedly.

One entrepreneur recently was so upset with me after I said don’t waste your time on EOS. They asked why? I said that I had been working for 8 months trying to get this firm to have the discipline around just using consistently their central software program by all employees. And the firm had yet to develop the discipline to hold to the accountability of one thing let alone an entire system of things.

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