Thinking Tools

I'm not talking about "tools" as in software or pencils and graph paper. (But I'll reference those at the end of the page.) But rather philosophies, schools of thought, approaches to D-and-D in a New Economy, etc.

Asking Questions


Critical Thinking

Systems Thinking

5 minutes

Scientific Method, Experiment, Model Agnosticism

General Semantics

Cognitive Bias?


Scenario Planning


Diagram, Visualization Venn Diagrams


jiggling phrases: As If, Up Until Now.

collect 'em all! edc standards

related "21st century skills": Creativity, Collaboration

  • Mar'2013: Bo Adams thinks: there is an underlying ā€œCā€ that provides the necessary foundation for student learners to develop all of the above C traits. Control. (Agency)

for software, see Tools for Thought

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