The CollApse of the US economy starting with the Stock Market crash of 1929. A big Depress Ion.

Probably mainly caused by Economic Transition.

Solved by the NewDeal, or by World War I I? See A20th Century Economic Theory

Arnold Kling notes the unreliability of economic history, in this case and in general.

Milton Friedman: MonetAry History of the United States, 1867-1960 0691003548 - big section on the GreatDepression

Ben Bernanke: Essays on the GreatDepression 0691118205

Murray Rothbard: America's GreatDepression focuses on causes (Government Failure), not solutions.

Robert Higgs says the "Great Duration" was extended by the NewDeal, with the Great Escape not really starting until after the end of World War I I.

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