Jorn Barger

Writer of Robot Wisdom

Had (c.1994) problems on UseNet.

Worked for Roger Schank at ILS.

Storage --2003/11/17 18:50 GMT
Jorn - please contact us as soon as possible. You need to move your boxes right away.

Anyone know where Jorn is ? He's only blogged a couple of times in three months ? ian glendinning

Jorn's whereabouts --2003/12/02 06:31 GMT
I received a phone call tonight from a mutual acquaintance of myself and Jorn Barger. It appears that Jorn is missing. He was last seen by his housemate in Socorro, New Mexico, in early October. Given Jorn's eccentricities, the alarm was not raised until today. He appears to have left suddenly and without any of his posessions, ID card included. Jorn is a prolific usenet poster, but his last posting is dated September 30. His website does not appear to have been updated since about that time as well. I've begun an on-line search effort. Any info can be directed to me at Thanks -- Eric Wagoner

Jorn search update --2003/12/02 15:45 GMT
I've created a search page at

Where is Robot Wisdom ? --2004/01/20 08:49 GMT
Now I see Robot Wisdom is off-line too.

And where is "where is Jorn" ? --2004/01/20 08:49 GMT
The plot thickens.

Jorn Barger --2004/01/28 16:50 GMT
I really, really miss Jorn Barger & Robot Wisdom. He and his blog educated me about all kinds of things & helped me learn my way around the web when I first got connected. I can truly say my life is different & enhanced because of Robot Wisdom. I wish I could get in touch with him to let him know how much he is valued by this poet. Lea (

Jorn seems to be posting to UseNet a bit --2004/04/19 15:45 GMT
see posts

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