Macro Timeline

series of TimeLine-s from Big Bang to the present.

Universe created (Big Bang): 12b ya (years ago)

Earth formed: 4b ya

Jurassic period: 180m ya

hominids: 5m ya

Australopithecus africanus and A. afarensis: 3m ya

Stone Age (tools): 2m ya

HomoHabilis: 1.8m ya

HomoErectus: 1.5m ya (fire: 1m ya)

Neanderthal (some say part of HomoSapiens, others disagree): 400k ya (go extinct 30k ya?)

"modern" HomoSapiens (including Cro-Magnon): 300k ya

cave paintings: 35k ya

Native American-s come to North America from Siberia: 23k ya

extinction of mammoths and sabertooth tigers: 12k ya

Agriculture: 12k ya (10,000 BC)

Sumer 1st Civilization: 5300 BC - By 3800BC they were the dominant group in the area. At least a dozen city-states developed, including Ur (with a population of about 24,000), Uruk, Kish, and Lagash.

Bronze Age: 4500 BC (Thailand)

Writing (clay): 3400 BC (Egypt)

soap, candles, water clocks: 3000 BC

calendar of 365 days: 2800 BC (Egypt)

estimate pi=3: 2000 BC (Egypt)

sundial clock: 1500 BC (Egypt)

I Ching: 1000 BC (China)

Ancient Greece: 776-323 BC

Aesop's fables: 580 BC

Siddhartha Gautama Buddha: 563-483 BC

Athenian democracy: 510-338 BC

Iron Age: 500 BC in classical world

Sun Tzu Art Of War: 500 BC

Socrates, Plato, Aristotle (born): 400 BC

Library Of Alexandria: 341 BC

rule of Alexander The Great: 336-323 BC

Hellenistic Greece: 323 BC-146 BC

Euclid's geometry: 290 BC

Roman Empire conquers Greece: 146 BC

Jesus Christ: c 0

Constantinople made capital of Eastern Roman Empire: 330 AD

Dark Ages/Early Middle Ages: 400-1000 AD

Muhammed: 570-632 AD

Inclusion of zero into Arabic numeral system: 700 AD

Holy Roman Empire: 843-1806 AD

High Middle Ages: 1000-1400 AD

Genghis Khan: 1206-1227 AD

Mongol invasion of Europe: 1220-1290 AD (Mongoliad)

Ottoman Empire formed: 1283 AD

Renaissance: 1400-1600 AD

Constantinople falls to Ottoman Empire: 1453 AD

Peace of Westphalia (Nation-State): 1648 AD

Enlightenment: 1650-??? AD

life in the USA in 1904: see this

Great Works Of The Last 100 Years (starting 1907)

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