KHole 3 Brand Anxiety Matrix

KHole report 3 (Jan'2013?)

Legibility/Illegibility, Order/Chaos

Like Annie’s Mac and Cheese, Legible Order is not a path to self-discovery.

This sense of Mastery can be appealing, sexy, and auratic in the case of fashion and luxury; off- putting or eerie in the case of governments and religion; or enticingly naive in the case of tech IPO-s.

Illegible Order is completely unhackable. It houses the black box brands

Illegible Order is in constant danger of letting its simplistic veneer break down into dreary legibility, or becoming undisciplined and revealing that its master plan was just wishful thinking all along.

Illegible Chaos is like the Blue Man Group... Like, “Oh, I get it, how can I not get it.” But you totally don’t get it. And you’ll stay on the “getting it” train until it transports you to some really fucked up place. Then you’ll look back on what you thought was a series of decisions and realize that you’ve made only one.

We have the bubble class and then just savages in Poverty everywhere else, we get this blob

You’ll have your Barbour jacket and your IUD longer than you’ll have your next Lap Top.

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