Artist Collective turned TrendWatch report machine.


  • "Khole1 - Fragmoretation: A Report on Visibility" - “Saying who you aren’t is just as important as saying who you are.” This report explores strategies of visibility through a dirty Daffy’s ad campaign; Ven Mo for a mobile, cashless society; chilly Stone Island jackets; and the Cone sex toy.
  • "Khole2 - Prolasticity: A Report on Patience" - “The time for now is always.” Case studies include the VW Art Heist; Piracetam, the multi-focus drug; Korea’s first Smart City, New Songdo; and the health-inspiring Jaw Bone UP.
  • "Khole3 - Brand Anxiety Matrix" - “The job of the advanced consumer is managing anxiety, period.” Case studies include Isabel Marant Internal Wedge Sneakers, Globster antisocial networking, deodorant aka Stankonia, and reproduction hacks with the Mirena IUD.
  • "Khole4 - YouthMode: A Report on Freedom" - Norm Core: the report that started it all…
  • "Khole5 - Doubt: A Report on Doubt" - “Seeing the future ≠ changing the future.”

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