Middle School

between Elementary School and High School

sometimes call Intermediate School

Looking at Public School Middle School options for Educating Kids In Nyc

Clara Hemphill book ISBN:9780807749104

contact: Anna Commitante , Director of English Language Arts, Social Studies and Gifted/Talented A Commit@schools.nyc.gov


  • info goes up in December

  • apply in early January

  • testing happens late-Jan/early-Feb

Big location issue: not [sure](http://schools.nyc.gov/Offices/Transportation/ParentResources/General Education Eligibility/default.htm) whether Yellow School Bus service will be available - if not, we'd have to take him on City Bus (no we don't want to let a 6th grader do that alone), which would be an un-workable time-suck.

  • Google Maps says we're 1.4mi away which means maybe we'd get YellowBus for 6th grade, but definitely not for 7th grade.

In-district options:


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