Most Important Task

Time Management method to keep from getting drowned in your To-Do List, works with Getting Things Done (Next Action) and other bigger-picture models (Worldview Based Living, etc.). Prioritize to 1!

Peter Thiel would refuse to discuss virtually anything else with you except what was currently assigned as your #1 initiative." Imagine running into Thiel in the hallway at work--for everything but your top initiative, he'd literally refuse to speak with you. On PayPal's annual review forms, instead of being given room to write a laundry list of accomplishments, every employee was only allowed to identify their "single most valuable contribution to the company." That might sound radical and borderline rude, but that's how Thiel gave teeth to the concept of extreme focus. Employees would be evaluated on their one thing, so they were authorized to Focus on it.

Sometimes the most important Next Action is simply to Get Started.

Jonathan Mead recognizes the need to remind yourself why your should be excited/engaged by your Most Important Task.

  • Select one of your most important projects or goals.
  • Ask yourself “Why do I care about this? How does this relate to and further my ultimate vision for my life” (My Calling)
  • Then ask “What is the best possible outcome as a result of completing this?”
  • Finally rehearse in your mind the way you’ll feel as a result doing your best, showing up fully alive, and giving everything you have to this project.

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