I wrote my original NodeWeb page in 2003.

At one point, I used "NodeWeb-2019" for what became Flux.Garden (after dropping a bunch of ideas from it).

Now, inspired by Jess Martin's summary of (2022-08-16) BetaWorks Render Tools for Thinking, I want to sketch out a vision for how I'd like to read/write/work.

Not-ironically, I'm struggling with how/where to capture this! Here, Miro, FreeMind?

  • does that imply live-data-synch/interop, or just easy-ish migration from one "form" to another?

text/notes/links from diagram


UX for a traditional product team

Let's start from our agenda, and add discussion notes as we go along

  • cf Technography
  • TreeView UI
  • a node can wikilink an existing task, an existing doc
  • identify new to-do items for people, but they're still just text-nodes

Let's write a One-Pager

Let's create an Opportunity Solution Tree

  • use a whiteboard UI
  • OST is a node, containing nodes (and links amongst them)
  • any node can be wikilinked
  • Let's discuss some candidate initiatives, make short-list
  • can pick top initiatives candidates, create task for each to have someone draft one-pager

I'm looking at my ToDoList, esp to pick/do Most Important Task

  • for any of my existing tasks that were mentioned, I link the task
  • for new tasks for me, I create a new task, then link it from the text-node (I don't "convert the text node into a task" because I want to leave the original language in-place, but the task Title itself might be best worded differently)
  • query not-Done tasks I created, or assigned-self, or otherwise Watch
  • I have my own person Priority ordering from previous drag-and-drop ordering
  • a task has a Title and a Body, and meta-data
  • I have a question about this task, I attach a message, naming them. They'll see open-item in their list, can respond. Discussion-thread-graph is a child of the task.
  • Question resolved, I complete the task. Watchers of that task get status-done update.
  • I realize I need to add a Next task to the same "project" - I jump into that graph, find the right place to insert the task, insert it.
    • By default it will start at the top of my list? Or maybe I'll have an UnPrioritized Inbox?
    • or maybe I assign it to someone else, so it will show up in their Inbox to Prioritize
      • I can see the priority-position in their queue

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