Norman Borlaug

He received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1970, primarily for his work in reversing the food shortages that haunted India and Pakistan (Third World) in the 1960s... Borlaug helped to develop the high-yield, low-pesticide dwarf wheat upon which a substantial portion of the world's population now depends for sustenance. (Green Revolution)

Died Sept'2009.

His foundation

Nobel bio

Reason Magazine article Paul Ehrlich has made a great career as a predictor of doom. When we were moving the new wheat technology to India and Pakistan, he was one of the worst critics we had. He said, "This person, Borlaug, doesn't have any idea of the magnitude of the problems in food production." He said, "You aren't going to make any major impact on producing the food that's needed." Despite his criticisms, we succeeded, of course.

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