Replacement of Open MicroBlogging standard

  • OStatus, while intended to attack the same problem as OMB, approaches the problem rather differently. First, rather than being a stand-alone spec it builds upon several existing (and evolving) open web standards including: PubSubHubBub, WebFinger, Activity Streams and Salmon. OStatus serves more as a usage profile than a brand new spec. As to the naming specifically, there is nothing inherently "micro" about the protocol (or it's usage), and it's a term we're consciously trying to outgrow. http://ostatus.org/faq



driven by StatusNet

IndieWeb gloss https://indieweb.org/OStatus

Also supported by RStatus (written in Ruby On Rails) https://rstat.us/

For in-team microblogging, the P2 Word Press theme is popular - 2009-05-14-WordpressP2GroupMicroblog

seems like a lot of overlap with Google Buzz

and plays with Portable Contacts 2008-10-07-PortableContacts

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