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A NoteBook/PrivateWiki app needs to make it easy/fast to jot down an idea.

I've been (Sept'2019) using Jota+ app on my mobile to edit PrivateWiki pages.

  • But I tend to put fresh notes into my current WeeklyLog file.
    • Partially because of the overhead of creating/naming a file
      • I could just use my TemporaryNotes.txt file, then migrate later....
    • Which keeps them isolated - they don't connect to each other well, I don't review/refine/link them, etc.
  • The whole text-file-on-phone model means I don't get any of the wiki benefits while I'm on a fresh idea....

So this is one of the reasons I'm building out WikiFlux For PrivateWiki - though also for connecting those ideas.

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