East Village Restaurant

Restaurants in the East Village NYC I like (roughly by street, not preference) (Restaurant Review):

  • Tokyo La Men asian University Ave/11thSt
  • Patsy's Pizza University/10thSt - thin-crust pizza, good arugula salad
  • Saigon Grill University/12thSt - Vietnamese, quite good - good for mid-sized Geek Dinner-s because typically has lots of space, and reasonably priced food. closed - killed by COVID
  • Spice University Ave/10thSt - Thai
  • Danal 10thSt./3rdAve - goat-cheese/veg tarts, pork chops, etc.
    • argh moved a bit farther away
  • Sharaku Japanese 3rdAve/9thSt - good basics
  • The Smith: 3rdAve/10thSt - excellent american
  • John's Italian 12thSt/2ndAve - kinda old-school but pretty good and reasonable
  • Hip-Hop Chow - 2ndAve/StMarks- asian-influenced bbq/Comfort Food
    • Dec'2007: dang it closed!
  • Klong: StMarks/3rdAve - truly awesome grilled-baby-octopus
  • Veselka 2ndAve/9thSt - diner/brunch - yum blintzes
  • Holy Basil 2ndAve/9thSt - Thai
  • BlackAnt mexican http://theblackantnyc.com/
  • La Palapa 1stAve/StMarks - pricey Mexican - excellent braised-Lamb
  • Noho Star Lafayette/Bleeker - both their US and Chinese meals are excellent. grr closed Dec'2017
  • Hearth 1stAve/12thSt - high-end
  • Miracle Grill 1stAve/7thSt - my favorite tex-mex, outdoor back garden, have the catfishTaco
    • Jul'2007 - just discovered this has changed to "Imagine"
    • Jun'2008 - just passed the space, and now there's nothing operating there!
  • Lavagna/Le Tableau - 5thSt/Ave A - Lavagna is more Italian, Le Tableau has more Mediterranean/Middle Eastern influences
  • Two Boots pizza on Bleeker St
    • Oct'2014: closed! (But there are still other locations.)
  • Mercadito mexican http://www.mercaditorestaurants.com/
  • would like to try:

A little further away (e.g. north of 14thSt, or South of Houston, or west of 5thAve):

see also East Village Smoothies

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