Shlok Vaidya

Iā€™m currently a product manager helping turn a big company around and an advisor to 5by5 Studios, Archer Avenue, and MixZing. My insight, photography, and work has appeared in Betabeat, Fader, TechCrunch, PandoDaily, Rolling Stone, The Weekly Standard, Calgary Herald, Post Carbon Institute, International Relations and Security Network, Small Wars Journal, Pajamas Media, and Pragati Magazine.

Prior to acquisition in 2013, I was Managing Editor at Resilient Communities (resilient community) and companion subscription research service, Resilient Strategies. In 2011, I was named one of the top 100 tech entrepreneurs in New Orleans. While with Neoplat I led the team that built S4Momentum ā€“ a social media early warning system for hedge funds and counter-terrorism ā€“ and MiiU ā€“ a resiliency repository. Before that, I examined global energy trends with a focus on infrastructure and the threat of supply disruption at a think tank.

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