Excess Capacity in a system process; similar to LeeWay?

a source of Resilience

book by Tom De Marco ISBN:0767907698 subtitle Getting Past Burn Out, Busy Work, and the Myth of Total Efficiency

  • review/excerpt by Kevin Kelly - The best predictor of how much work a knowledge worker will accomplish is not the hours that he or she spends, but the days. The twelve-hour days don't accomplish any more than the eight-hour days. OverTime is a wash... "What would you do," I asked him, "if overtime were forbidden and you still had to make the schedule?" "Well, I'll tell you one thing," he answered promptly, "we'd sure have to do something about all these meetings." I paused for a moment, hoping that the words that had come so readily out of his mouth would make their way back in through an ear. But no. He couldn't hear what he'd just said. He missed it entirely.

or, to the SubGenius: The central belief in the Church is the pursuit of Slack, which generally stands for the sense of freedom, independence, and original thinking that comes when you achieve your personal goals. The Church states that we were all born with Original Slack, but that Slack has been stolen from us by a worldwide conspiracy of normal people (NPCs). The Church encourages originality and frowns on actions seen as "pinkness," which happens when you bow down to authority and the accepted limits of society. Popular Church phrases supporting these goals are "The SubGenius Must Have Slack" and "Fuck 'Em If They Can't Take A Joke."

see also - app by Stewart Butterfield

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