Conference where anyone can speak? Nope.

Dave Winer tries to organize conferences this way.



<http://archive.scripting.com/cats/Special%20events/Blogger Con>

http://www.bloggercon.org/III/newbies Think of the discussion leader as a reporter who is creating a story with quotes from the people in the room. So, instead of having a panel with an audience we just have people. We feel this more accurately reflects what's going on. It's not uncommon for the audience at a conference to have more expertise than the people who are speaking. Not exactly Open Space.

Tim Bray http://www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/200x/2007/12/20/In-the-Audience

Does FooCamp qualify? Or does being Invitation Only disqualify it?

Would this work best if it follows the Open Space model?

How cheaply could this be done?

  • how cheaply would a university let you use a few classrooms for 2 days?

  • how about group food? University cafeteria?

  • how about renting out a floor in a dorm? Don't you want to see Doc Searls walking to the bathroom in a towel?

Conversely, Robert Scoble shows some of the economics of a traditional big conference.

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