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a version of a New Economy that embraces Slack?

to get there, do you need to Say No? *It struck me that if we're truly passionate about something, we take the time to do it right and enjoy it... Turns out, the Slow Movement goes way beyond food: there's also a slow cities movement (also started in - where else - Italy!) (see also this interesting interview in Mother Jones). The book I mentioned earlier (InPraiseOfSlowness) also talks about applying the Slow approach to other things in life: most notably sex, driving, children, and learning.

Slow Movement

Slow Software, Craft Software, Neo-Victorian

Slow Web

Slow Marketing 2011-09-22-RaoMiloCriterion[[Slow MarketingVsLeanStartup]]

Adrian Savage has a blog on Slow Leadership.

Slow Food

Slow Code

Slow Sex < Taste#Slow_sex>

Slow Schooling, Slow Education

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