Sugar Industry

protected by trade barriers (quotas) and subsidies

  • "The price of sugar in the United States is 40% to 50% higher than it would be without these trade barriers," Scott Bradford notes . "We're preserving the jobs of sugar manufacturers in the United States, but higher prices for consumers impose large costs on the economy." (in the context of International Development)

  • Summary of quotas and other barriers relating to sugar, other foods, garments.

  • Cato Institute review of trade-voting record of various Congressmen.

In addition, the Sugar Industry has detroyed the Florida Everglades

  • Subsidizing sugar through import restrictions, guaranteed prices, and non-recourse loans has increased sugar prices in the U.S. domestic market, and led to the direct conversion of over 500,000 acres of Everglades wetlands to sugarcane production. according to the Coalition For Sugar Reform

  • list of studies


=== And Sugar is bad for you ===

(not Good Diet)

Bill Maher rant about Corn Syrup and Obesity.

Apr'2011 Gary Taubes on Robert Lustig

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