Good Diet

Healthy Diet? Is that the goal?

Want Physical Fitness

The Hackers Diet plan ( includes an Exercise program.

Time Magazine covered the Robert Atkins (Low Carb Diets) vs Dean Ornish battle, making some specific recommendations...

  • good carbs: fruits, veggies, Broccoli and peanuts, whole grains, skim milk
  • acceptable fats: Olives, nuts, avocados, salmon
  • bad carbs: white rice, potato, pasta, sugars (fruit smoothies?) (I'm a Carbo-Addict)
  • bad fats (SaturatedFats): fatty meats, butter, Ice Cream

New York Mag covered these and other diets. Walter Willett of Harvard was quoted You can envision the ideal, moderate diet if you just place yourself in Rome and walk down the piazza: You'll see dozens of different kinds of vegetables floating in Olive Oil, have a little fish, a glass of wine. And they usually give you just a little pasta. Most people will be better off - there are actual positive benefits - eating some grain products.

  • but can you trust Willett? Science is complex, and Willett’s message to his fellow scientists appears to be that the public can’t be trusted with this complexity (except, as noted, when it might be something that he thinks is worthy of research); the question, which the public might ask in turn, is whether Willett can be trusted with complexity given his apparent intolerance for it in other scientists?

Caveman Diet/Paleo Diet

Maybe just simpler to follow Three Food Rules?

One of the big challenges is finding acceptable Snack Food-s.

Should you worry about your Gut Flora/Micro Biome/Micro Biota?

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